Blockchain Technology For Professionals Event

  • Kara Ferguson

If you or your company maintains a website which handles transactions involving currency, then you need to know about blockchains. Arguably the largest innovation to emerge from Bitcoin, blockchains are databases which contain blocks of data regarding individual transactions. When one block becomes full, another one forms.

Increasing concerns over the safety of our data on the internet demands companies review their business processes. And, as new technologies emerge, that they utilize them to protect not only their data, but that of their users as well. The use of blockchains is crucial for maintaining a modern information security infrastructure

To learn more about blockchains, and how they can help you keep your data secure you can attend Blockchain Technology for Professionals at The Fedex Institute of Technology, located at The University of Memphis.

This is a two part event, August 4-5, 2016. The fee to attend is $500 for corporations, and the academic rate is $250. Reserve your spot.