December 16th Board meeting notes

Dec 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Chair went through history of the organization

Chair let us know status of mutual benefit non-profit.

Financial update

Outstanding items

  • GiveCamp Sponsor Check (Swanson has)
  • TechCamp Ticket Sales ($440.64)
  • We Owe Eventbrite $80.64

Once we file, We are retroactively a 501c3 from the moment we incorporated.

  • April 24, 2014 (date we became a Mutual Benefit Non-Profit)
  • Can’t give directly to other events, but can pay for various things (on paper, becomes an MTF event)
  • Will file for or revise this by Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

Chairs read the Bylaws, Bylaws were discussed. Joe Ferguson Moved to vote on Bylaws and Brian Swanson seconded and put Bylaws to a vote. The Board voted to ratify.

Brian Swanson moved to remove Dan Hess from the Board. Bryan Robinson seconded the motion. The Board voted to remove.

The Board discussed the Mission and Purpose of MTF.

  • Facilitating events
  • Attending events (board member at all user groups)
  • Sponsorship of events
  • Goal of raising $100,000
  • Connect with other groups in the city
    • CoWork
    • Crews Center
    • Start Co.
  • Board Members should be involved in events we’re not a part of
    • AIGA
    • WordPress
    • City Subcouncils
    • Mentorship
  • If we put together a budget, find spot for mentorship and meetings (coworking space)
  • Resources
    • Hosting
    • Books

Discussion of committees/responsibilities

Social Media

  • Committee Chair: Joe Ferguson

Media Relations

  • Committee Chair: Bryan Robinson


  • Committee Chair: Brian Swanson

Code of Conduct

  • Committee Chair: Brad Montgomery
  • Find MTF Code to adopt
  • Lead charge for making sure and helping events adopt code of conduct

Community Involvement

  • Committee Chair: Claudio Donndelinger
  • Person to check in with when attending
  • Person that checks in with usergroups
  • Collect news from user groups
  • Send news to user groups
  • account

MTF Newsletter

  • Bryan Robinson and Joe Ferguson
  • Monthly minimum

Other Orgs help to reach out to

  • B-Sides (Daniel)
  • CreativeWorks (Brob)
  • IndieMemphis (Swanson)
  • Black Girls Code (Daniel)
  • Justin Geeslin’s STEM/CSEd (Joe)
  • SQL Saturday from the SQL User group (Swanson)
  • Memphis Area GIS (Brad)
  • PyLadies (Brad Montgomery)


  • Investigate PM Tool
  • Trello
  • Basecamp
  • LeanKit

Board Votes:

Ratify the Bylaws

  • Yea (6)
  • Nay (0)

Dan Hess' Board status

  • Yea (6)
  • Nay (0)

Charter amendments of stated purpose for 501(c)3

  • Yea (6)
  • Nay (0)

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The first official board meeting of MTF

Tuesday December 16th the Memphis Technology Foundation's board will convene officially for the first time to discuss a lenghty agenda of items from a recap of 2014 and our 2015 plans.

We will also be discussing our filling for 501(c)(3) status, Upcoming events, and fundraising goals.

Any interested parties are welcome to join, however there will be an agenda that will likely dominate most of the meeting time. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.

December 16th Board Meeting Event

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