TechCamp Memphis 2017 is October 28th

TechCamp Memphis is coming back to the FedEx Institute of Technology October 28th for a one day multitrack technology conference focused on highlighting what's hot in development, design, marketing, and maker industries in Memphis.

A one ­day event that offers educational and networking opportunities for technology users at all levels, including IT professionals, web designers, marketing professionals, and students. TechCamp offers sessions led by area experts on content creation and design, online marketing, and development.

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Blind bird tickets are $15 until the end of August!

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Check out the 2017 Prospectus and learn how to get your business or brand in from of Memphis Technologists.

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The Call for Papers is open until the end of August. Have something you're passionate about and want to share it with TechCamp? Submit today!

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Emerging Innovation - DNA Data Storage by Dr. Reinhard Heckel

The FedEx Institute of Technology is excited to announce that the next Emerging Innovation talk will feature Dr. Reinhard Heckel of UC Berkeley speaking on DNA Data Storage, a technology that promises greatly increased storage capacity and longevity over current methods available today. Dr. Heckel was recently featured in an MIT Technology Review article on this subject. This exciting talk is at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and should be an excellent event.

What: Emerging Innovation - DNA Data Storage by Dr. Reinhard Heckel
When: July 13, 5:00 PM
Where: FedEx Institute of Technology at University of Memphis, Room 225
Please RSVP for this event

Please Note: Central BBQ Dinner (with vegetarian option) will be provided following the talk.

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HACKmemphis, Memphis Webworkers, and FIT Nodebots Day Event

International NodeBots Day!

HACKmemphis, in partnership with Memphis Web Workers and Memphis FedEx Institute of Technology is proud to announce our first NodeBots Day!

Our event will coincide with International NodeBots Day on July 29th, 2017, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Location: FedEx Institute of Technology

Price: $40 you will receive one NodeBot kit, full instruction on how to code your bot with basic instructions followed by help with advanced controls, and lunch. If you wish to work on a team there will be ticket add-ons to cover your team members’ meal. Coffee, water, and soft drinks will be provided throughout the day. More info and get tickets

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