April 14th Super User Group Meet Up

What: Super User Group Meetup

Where: Cowork Memphis

When: April 14th 6:30PM

RSVP: Via Meetup.com

In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Memphis Technology Foundation many of the #memtech User Groups will be joining together for another Super User Group Meeting on April 14th.

We will have 4-6 presenters doing 10-20 minute talks on topics that are relevant to the larger group. This will be a great event for all interested in technology. Many of the user groups that meet monthly will be using this as their April meet up.

Come meet and network with members of the diverse local user groups. If you'd like to give a talk, please email brad@memphistechnology.org

Sponsored by: Memphis Technology Foundation, Vaco, and Cowork Memphis!

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Memphis Technology in 2014

The champagne (and/or local craft beer) is chilling, the greens are simmering and the Memphis Technology Foundation (MTF) is looking back on an amazing 2014.

It’s hard to believe that it was only in April that we started our mission of helping to facilitate the technology scene in our fair city. We’ve applied for 501(c)(3) status in order to make 2015 an even bigger year.

This newsletter, like everything we do, isn’t about us, though; it’s about the community. So, without further ado, here are some of the awesome things that happened in 2014.

Let’s look at the data first:


The Meetup group added a whopping 407 members during 2014. If we've done our math properly, that’s roughly 200% growth. It’s really amazing watching all these great techies come out and find the great community we’re all a part of!


The community has added eight new regular meetups to the calendar: six user groups and two new lunches. The new user groups are Memphis Cryptocurrency, Memphis Podcasting and Youtube Creators, Memphis Agile Practitioners, Memphis Game Developers, Memphis Hardware and Memphis Web Workers. The new lunches are the new Collierville Tech Lunch and the Gophers Lunch. With these new meetups, there’s something interesting to do and see and discuss nearly every day in January. It’s an exciting time to be in the community.


In 2014 there were three great MTF community-wide events: GiveCamp, HACKmemphis and TechCamp. This wasn’t the first year for any of these events, but they’ve continued to grow and get better every year.

So, that’s last year by the numbers, what’s in store for 2015 from MTF?

We’ll continue our goal of offering mentorship, content and sponsorship for local groups looking to offer the #memtech community great opportunities to grow, discuss, learn and debate.

We’ll be focusing on growing the number of people who find #memtech events. The 200% growth mentioned above is great, but we’re not sated.

We’ll continue supporting HACKmemphis and TechCamp, but this year we’ll also take an active supporting role in GiveCamp (which is right around the corner, you know) and we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting Memphis’ first ever Coder Dojo.

More details on all these events will be coming as they get closer.

In the end, we just want to thank everyone who has ever attended a user group, a local conference, a lunch event or a drinkup. You all are what makes #memtech so amazing and we’d be bored at home without all of you in our lives.

To you and yours, we hope you have an amazing 2015 and continue to hang out with your fellow Memphis techies.

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