Black Girls Code July 26th

On July 26th the Memphis Chapter of Black Girls Code will host a new game development class at New Horizons Computer Learning Center.

This workshop will focus on game development using Beta (, an open game world that allows players to easily play, create and share games. Taught by subject matter experts from Hidden Level Games, the New York-based indie game studio, the Memphis workshop will be geared towards introducing participants to animation, gaming, and creating shared interactive experiences. The workshop is designed to encourage student-driven learning, as participants think analytically, design, play, and code in real-time. No prior programming experience is required for this class. This class is designed for girls ages 10 - 17.

Sign up at Black Girls CODE Memphis Chapter Presents - Build a Game in a Day w/ BETA!

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TN Code Academy Summer Code Camp in Memphis

July 21-25 hosted by Memphis Bioworks, the TN Code Academy will be holding their summer code camp in Memphis. Targeting middle and high school students this five day camp teaches students to create with code by giving them the resources needed for success.

Sign up at Summer Code Camp and make sure to select the Memphis camp location.

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Super User Group Meetup

Twice a year #memtech brings all the user groups together in one location for a large collective event. July 17th we have a great event happening featuring speakers from quite a few different user groups.

Talk Lineup:

  • State of #memtech - Brian Swanson & Joe Ferguson
  • Dart Programming Language - Douglas Starnes
  • Programming Interactive Visuals with Processing - Daniel Lissner
  • Introducing MTF - Joe Ferguson
  • Personal Kanban - Steven Voyles
  • Eat Sleep Play Code - Brad Montgomery
  • How to talk to your designers - Bryan Robinson
  • JavaScript Powered 'Stuff' - Eric Terpstra
  • Voxel game development using Unity and C# - Ernest McCracken
  • UNIX pipes and how they're the best thing ever and everyone should use them - Daniel Pritchett
  • Web Application Firewall - James Ruffer

Our great friends at CoWork Memphis will be hosting us. Make sure you join us RSVP at

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