Thirsty Thursday with Vaco

#ThirstyThursday With Vaco

On May 11, 2017 at 5:30 PM Vaco Memphis will host their first #ThirstyThursday event at City & State on Broad Ave. This free event will feature tacos by the Fuel Food Truck, with beer by Memphis' own Wiseacre Brewery. Wine will also be available. Details are still in the works, but Vaco is planning to host some games (possibly with prizes), so show up ready to win!

Vaco events are a great opportunity to meet more members of the Memphis technology community and expand your professional network while enjoying good food and drinks with a fun group of people. This is the first of what will hopefully be many more Vaco sponsored community events.

More info and RSVP

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GiveCamp Memphis 2017

GiveCamp Memphis 2017

GiveCamp Memphis 2017 is coming soon. If you haven’t heard, it’s the weekend of Feb 17th. GiveCamp is an awesome weekend event where local devs, designers, marketers, social media gurus, and other professionals band together to help provide non-profits with solutions ranging from websites to mobile apps to Excel spreadsheets. The weekend long event is a fantastic way to give back to the community and gain valuable experience. Here are just a few posts from past volunteers and charities about the great work that comes out of GiveCamp Memphis:

George Spake - Volunteer: GiveCamp Memphis Demonstrates How Vibrant Memphis’ Tech Community Is
TN Data Commons - Charity: GiveCamp – Memphis tech at its best
Ed Leafe, Rackspace - Volunteer: GiveCamp Memphis 2014
Overton Park Conservancy - Charity: GiveCamp Memphis

If you want to volunteer, signup on Meetup here: GiveCamp Memphis 2017

GiveCamp needs volunteers with any and all skills from developers to marketers, at any level of expertise. Everyone is welcome, from the Senior level to the novice, and beyond. Even if your skills aren't in development, there's a good chance that one of the teams needs your help (we're looking at you, SEO specialists and project managers).

Show up Friday night, find a project that sounds interesting, and spend the weekend doing a good thing for a good cause! If you want to learn more, visit

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StartCo 48 Hour Tech Launch

48 Hour Tech Launch

During 48 Hour Launch entrepreneurs, students, and professionals converge to transform big tech ideas into solid business models, and build the companies of tomorrow.

Have an innovative technology idea and an entrepreneurial streak? You have two minutes on Friday night to pitch your concept and inspire the crowd. The most popular ideas will be selected and teams will form around them to work on them over the course of the weekend.

More interested in applying your skills toward a goal that fuels economic development and elevates creative talent? Then vote for your favorite pitch, join a team and dive into development. Just like Fortune 500 organizations, these startups need marketers, lawyers, accountants, graphic designers, developers, and UX specialists. In short, they need you. We’ll also have a live pitch competition Saturday afternoon for those whose pitches weren’t selected on Friday if they want to receive tips on how to improve their pitches!

On Sunday afternoon each team will present its tech business to the Memphis community and a panel of judges.

More info: 48 Hour Tech Launch

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