Memphis Tech Talks hosted by FIT & MTF

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Save the date! Thursday, June 16th at 6:30pm Memphis Technology Foundation and FedEx Institute of Technology will be hosting "Memphis Tech Talks"

Join us for an evening of Lightning Talks about what Memphis Tech Professionals are passionate about. Memphis Tech Talks will be a series of short lightning talks to that will give a high level overview or an in depth look at a technology. Speakers include national conference speakers, local User Group leaders, and experts in their field.

Current Scheduled talks

• Bryan Robinson: An Intro to Flexbox and Modern CSS Layout

• Mike Cochran: Modern Windows Shell

• Douglas Starnes: Firebase, a Platform for Mobile Application Development

• Jessica Biggs: Animation on the Web: CSS, SVG & Canvas

• Keith Mattix: Elixir: Functional |> Fast |> Fault-tolerant

• George Spake: Accessibility 101- the technical stuff

• Daniel Lissner: 1s and 0s - the Basics of Assembly and Machine Language

• Jason Charnes : 15 Minutes with React Native

For more information and to RSVP please visit the event.